October 1, 2017; Lift Off!

Lift off, June 19, 2016.  The second flight of the Scion, on an F50-6T composite propellant motor.

When I visited an NAR launch in August, 2015, I hadn't built a rocket in thirty-five years. I left inspired and eager to return.

The greatest inspiration came from the wonderful people I met. Many have become friends. They come from all walks of life. There are large numbers of aerospace folks; NASA, military, active and retired, having worked on full size rockets and space missions. There are teachers, lawyers, plumbers, doctors, truck drivers, artists and at least one retired nuclear submarine commander.

I have never witnessed the level of camaraderie, cooperation and conviviality I enjoy among rocketeers. Forget to bring something to the launch range? Three people hand you the part you need.  They rejoice with every success, share disappointment in failure, and always encourage to try again.

The first person who welcomed me on the field was a gentleman named Richard Crisco. Richard wanted to know what I was building, what I had previously accomplished in rocketry, in short; all about me. About a year later, Richard succumbed to ALS. He was a mentor and an example. There's a reason I'm telling you this. Check back on October 3rd. Until then, aim for the sky. Try not to miss. ∼ Bill