I was a child of the space age.  Like most of my generation, I believed the first generation of humans born on Mars would be graduating High School this year.  Concurrently, the hobby of Model Rocketry was born.  I spent my youth building and flying miniature versions of the drama that unfolded during my lifetime, a drama which culminated with America's successful lunar landings.  I was enthralled with the wonder of it all, both real and possible. We used our hands and minds to explore and realize our dreams.

In August of 2015 I attended a model rocket launch where I discovered passionate rocketeers, old and young who had never given up the dream.  I quickly made new friends. I also discovered the hobby has grown into something I could only imagine in my youth. I rejoined the NAR, (National Association of Rocketry), and local section #139, the NARHAMS. I have been building and flying rockets ever since.

During the month of October, I intend to share what I've been enjoying.  My hope is to communicate something of what model rocketry is and can be.  I am preparing a synopsis of this year's activities, to be uploaded with a new photo and description, each day during October.  Until then;

Aim for the sky... and try not to miss.

∼ Bill Boublitz  生