"I would teach children music, physics and philosophy, but the most important of these is music,
for in music and all the arts are the keys and patterns of learning."
    ∼  Plato


I know music to be a language higher than that of kings, statesmen, theologians and generals.  Music is a language with the power to describe something deeper than opinion or negotiation.  The language of music is the bridge between philosophy and physics.  It conveys the connection between the world of spirit and the natural world.  I create, play and teach music from this perspective.

Music is a system, like mathematics, through which we connect with the invisible qualities and quantities that shape us all.  Music puts us in touch with invisibles such as hope, grace, beauty, perseverance, patience and tolerance.  Any life-sustaining culture must maintain the co-presence of these invisible qualities with the visible ones.

I have been fortunate, through music, to travel the world and learn first hand of the invisibles that bind us.  We are diverse cultures, races and belief systems, yet we are one humanity; one hope.  Everywhere in the world people break bread together, sing, dance and share music.  Music celebrates our commonality.  It's practice is essential for humanity to flourish.   ∼ Bill Boublitz

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