Dear Prospective Student:

I am happy to be accepting students at Coffey Music in Westminster, MD.  My biography is available on this website to acquaint you with my background.

Music is a discipline of both the intellect and the heart.  It's study develops coordination, intuitive thought, problem solving and self-discipline.  These benefits are available to all students, regardless of age or skill level.

The piano journey from beginner to concert artist may be divided into nine levels of achievement:

Elementary Intermediate Advanced
1. Lower 4. Lower 7. Lower
2. Middle 5. Middle 8. Middle
3. Upper 6. Upper 9. Upper

Elementary levels focus on musicianship, literacy, and acquiring basic skills.  Upper Elementary through Intermediate levels introduce students to the standard piano repertoire, ear training, music theory, and development of a proficient technique.  Intermediate students may elect to begin studies in jazz and 20th Century improvisational styles.  Advanced levels; curriculum is based on individual needs.

Print Version:    Traditional Curriculum    Jazz & Improvisational Styles    Inquiries:  Bill Boublitz

Whether you are beginner, hobbyist or professional, I look forward to working with you.

  ∼ Bill Boublitz