Student and Parent Comments;

Thanks for sharing with Grant so many wonderful years of your expertise!  What you have given Grant is more than just piano lessons; there were also life lessons as well.  I believe that music has truly enriched his life and made it better in immeasurable ways.  Through all 10 years, piano has been a constant in his emotional well-being and intellectual growth.  For that, I also thank you.

Finally, I just want to say that I have always admired your skills and your attention to detail.  Your playing has moved me numerous times and your album is a true labor of love.  It really shows your incredible talent.  I wish you much success as you continue to shape the next group of kids into upstanding men and women.  Thanks again for doing that for Grant.  I will always consider you an enormous part of our lives!  God bless,  ∼ Larry Foreman, March 2011

You were a great teacher and I'm lucky I found you when I did.  And in comparison to all the other teachers I've had, you taught me the most out of all of them combined because you showed me how to pull out the beauty of a piece and put my heart and soul into it.  Always inspiring to go further...that YES you can play it, just keep plugging away.  Musically and as a teacher you are completely gifted and I hope you never stop teaching.  You are a gem hidden away at Coffey Music.  ∼ Kelley Jankowski, October, 2008      November, 2008 recital:  Kelley Jankowski Plays Debussy

For another year of dedication to the individuality of children, we thank you.  ∼ The Caples, April, 2003

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