I have been an active observational astronomer since 2001.  My main instruments are the two eyes I was blessed with.  I augment them with two telescopes:  a 101 mm / 4" Refractor, (FL 540 mm, f/5.3), and a 178 mm / 7" Maksutov-Cassegrain, (FL 2400 mm, f/13.5).

The Sissy Haas Project:

In the September 2012 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine, noted double star observer Sissy Haas described a research project and asked for volunteers to gather data.  The project's goal is to publish a reliable formula for predicting how much telescope aperture is required to resolve double stars of unequal magnitude.  The project is now in its fifth year.  I am hosting the project database for the benefit of the participants.  To maintain project sovereignty, the database is organized as a sub-section of this website.

I am also an active contributor, working the table of test pairs with both instruments, additionally stopping down the 101 mm to 60 mm and working the table.  At present I've completed 79 of 102 targets.

Enter the Sissy Haas Binary Star Program Database

Clear skies,

∼ Bill  生